Many single-family homes, strip malls and city’s only strip club.
About 80 percent of residents live in owner-occupied buildings, and more than a third of households have children under 18, both highs for Portland.

Nason’s Corner is the neighborhood surrounding outer Brighton Avenue as it heads into Westbrook.

The big-box stores and strip malls near the town line, along with Portland’s only strip club, are often mistakenly viewed as part of the smaller city to the west.

Not far from there is Sagamore Village, a 200-apartment Portland Housing Authority complex with many immigrant families.

Nason's Corner
Children play a game of kickball on the baseball field outside Breakwater School in the Nason’s Corner neighborhood. Gabe Souza/Staff Photographer

The neighborhood has by far the largest Asian population in the city at 16 percent, the biggest portion from Southeast Asia and, in particular, Vietnam.

But most of the neighborhood consists of single-family homes in streets off Brighton Avenue between the Fore River Sanctuary to the south and Evergreen Cemetery.

Speed bumps along the winding Capisic Street remind drivers using it as a cut-through between Congress Street and Brighton Avenue that they’re in a suburban neighborhood with walkers and recycling bins along the side of the road.

Coming off the other side of Brighton Avenue is a string of dead-end streets lined by moderately sized houses with yards and driveways and basketball hoops.


About 80 percent of the 3,580 residents live in owner-occupied buildings, the highest percentage in the city, and more than a third of households have children under 18 – also the highest percentage in Portland.

The neighborhood is home to Hall Elementary School, as well as the private Breakwater School, where an adjacent park and playground, including a climbing wall, are open to the public.