Finding Help : Insurance and Medicare

Resources and organizations that can assist seniors and their caregivers with interpreting and utilizing their health insurance benefits — including the federal Medicare program, which subsidizes health care for all Americans aged 65 and older.

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Extra Help paying for Medicare prescription drug plans

The Extra Help program contributes to the costs of prescription drug plans under Medicare.

Fill out this form to see if you are eligible.

Federal benefits finder

This questionnaire is for all ages but allows you to chose the type of benefits (such as Social Security/retirement) that you are looking for. If you are older and looking for food/nutrition or disability aid (for example), the site will provide age-appropriate answers.

Fill out the extensive questionnaire and the site will provide a list a benefits for which you might benefit.

Long-term care insurance: Should you buy it?

This calculator from The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants will help you decide whether it is financially possible and prudent to buy long-term care insurance.

Read Consumer Reports on long-term care coverage. (2012)

Institute of Certified Public Accountants

MaineCare and Medicare resources

Trained counselors offer free advice to help seniors and disabled adults navigate their Medicare and MaineCare benefits.

Medicare plan finder

Use these questionnaires from the Department of Health and Human Service, to evaluate Medicare plans.

The questionnaires, one general and one personalized, help the user determine which drug plan is best for him or her.


Medigap insurance finder

Use this site to find Medicare supplement insurance, known as Medigap, providers in your area.

Enter your ZIP code and general state of health. The site will return a variety of plans with an outline of the benefits and the monthly and annual costs of the plans.

National Council on Aging

National advocacy group offers “7 Common Questions (and Answers!) about Medicare.”

Senior Medicare Patrol

An office of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services dedicated to identify and reduce fraud and abuse in Medicare and MaineCare programs.

Social Security: Benefits for spouses based on retirement date

Depending on when you retire, the benefits your spouse may be eligible for will change. Use this calculator from the Social Security Administration to see how retiring early or later might affect your spouse’s benefits.

Understanding long-term care insurance

The Mayo Clinic provides this article on understanding and planning for long-term care needs.